This was a 2-day project done over the weekend for the United Nations 2016 Global Goals Jam. Our team of five people (including me) decided to tackle gender issues, and more specifically, gender-based wage gap. 
PUC-Rio, my university, was the only Latin American university to be included in the Jam, and the projects were presented in New York in the UN Global Goals Conference. It was a great learning experience in so many ways. I am incredibly proud of the result. Each team-mate actively participated in every step of the project and the production of this video. The project was a very organic, but also methodical process, and regarding the video itself. I'm co-directing the video and also made the animation for it.
This was an empathy installation that worked much like a sort of role-playing game that emulated a woman's working day - from waking up to bedtime.
We had a heterosexual man play it, and he was visibly touched and uncomfortable, as was intended.
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